Seventh Generation less than perfect

I love Seventh Generation.  Seriously, they are a forward thinking company who virtually single-handedly changed the consumables market by offering quality, bio-degradable and other earth-friendly products at a competitive price. However, while attending an event outside their corporate headquarters in Burlington, Vermont, I saw this photo.  I don’t believe any company can run without waste, but this picture is at
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Fido Cellular Greenwashes Like a Pro

Anyone seen the recent Fido Cellular commercials?  In addition to being cheap-looking and pixely, a major component of the campaign is the “eco-friendliness” of Fido.  They claim two traits make Fido the green choice. a) They offer two phones made in part by recycled plastics.  When looking into this claim, the housings of the devices are made with 25% post-consumer
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Monsanto claims environmentalism

Monsanto is claiming their sustainable agriculture motives which are completely transparent to anyone who listens to farmers.  Watch this video first, then spit up a little in your mouth when you realize the utter hypocrisy demonstrated by this claim. Monsanto streamrolls farmers and monopolizes agricultural markets to make the most profit possible, rather than cultivating their customers’ businesses as if
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Huggies - an example of greenwashing without even trying too hard to be otherwise

Greenwashing without even trying

Some companies think they can jump on the green bandwagon (thereby sharing in the dramatically increasing sales in the green market) without really trying.  We wrote about steps to greenwash your product here.  But some companies don’t even read our guide and trying half-assed, half-witted attempts at greening their products.  Cracked did a lovely job of calling out 6 half-assed
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Fur Industry Greenwashing

Seriously?  The Fur Council of Canada has the nerve to call the sale of fur an “ecological choice in harmony with nature”.  Last time we checked, the processing of fur requires the death of an animal.  There is no amount of carbon credit or offset you can purchase to make fur an environmentally friendly clothing option. Among their claims: “If
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An example of greenwashing in four easy steps

How to greenwash in four easy steps

This post is written in a sarcastic tone.  We apologize if anyone is offended but it was necessary to write in this tone to get the message across.  The Greenwashing Blog is all about greenwashing.  Greenwashing is the act of making misleading claims about environmental friendliness.  If you’re a business without morals or ethics, here is your very helpful guide
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Going Green is Not a New Concept

This is a stretch from actual greenwashing but is close enough that we thought it to be a good topic to bring up.  This whole idea of “going green” is not a new concept.  Many of us see this as a recent trend… a movement even.  However our elders have “gone green” quite a bit.  Perhaps not with the whole
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Sylvania EcoBright Greenwashed Bulbs

The CFL (compact fluorescent lights) thing is really overdone.  That is the go-to go-green tip and the first thing people say when defending their greenness. However Sylvania took it to the next level by offering an “EcoBright” bulb for headlights.  Good rule of thumb: if it says “eco” in the name, it’s probably not. The bulb apparently reduces watt usage
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More greenwashing from Coca-Cola

Here is a bit more greenwashing from Coca-Cola.  Although they are encouraging consumers to recyle, which is a good thing, they imply a bit more eco-friendliness than is accurate.  See this post to learn more about what Coke does to “be green”. This is a good time to mention that just because a company is discussed on our blog, doesn’t
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