Matthew McConaughey says it isn't about hugging trees

Matthew McConaughey Doesn’t Want You to Hug Trees, Just Drive a Lincoln

I can’t tell if a recent Matthew McConaughey Lincoln ad was really meant to be taken seriously (or just seriously sell cars). It seemed like a Saturday Night Live spoof at first. I had to check to make sure it wasn’t actually Saturday night as I watched. It’s not about huggin’ trees Matthew McConaughey stares off into the distance and philosophizes how…

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Pepsi True uses extract from the Stevia leaf to help sweeten the drink

Pepsi True: Truly a Healthy Choice or Marketing Greenwashing?

PepsiCola’s recent attempts at releasing products to attract environmentally aware consumers is being singled out by some as one of corporate America’s most blatant – and ineffective – attempts at greenwashing the public. Pepsi recently followed in the steps of Coca-Cola in introducing a “mid-calorie” soda. Pepsi True comes in a green can (to help promote it as being a…

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Companies greenwash the process of fracking

Environmentalists Continue to Call for Tighter Controls on Fracking

Development of the technology and techniques used in hydraulic fracturing – commonly referred to as fracking – has directly resulted in a vast expansion of the United States oil and natural gas industry. This new method of reaching previously unreachable reserves of fossil fuels should mean a large energy supply for the country for years to come. It’s also billed…

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Greenwashing tar sands. Ethical oil?

Tar Sands: Ethical Oil?

Greenwashing tar sands is never ethical You wouldn’t think that greenwasshing would ever be a real problem when it comes to the Alberta Tar Sands. It is more or less assumed, or at least should be, that there’s not much in the way of green when it comes to the process of squeezing low quality oil out of tar sand. Ethical Oil – pernicious…

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Greenwashing will become increasingly more difficult as consumers, the media and businesses are more demand real initiatives for sustainability

Greenwashing Pushback – the Dangers of a False Green Message

Real businesses understand the danger of greenwashing The meaning of “green” and “sustainable” may be in danger of losing their meaning and impact. These terms are diluted as they become buzzwords for marketers seeking to ride the bandwagon fueled by a growing public eco-consciousness. But not so fast. “I think there’s a a bit of pushback,” says Brendan May, founder of Planet 2050…

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examples of greenwashing in ads

Video: A Greenwashing Public Service Announcement

Some examples of greenwashing A look at some of the more pernicious greenwashing messages in advertising: Can changing your oil change the world? Will buying a Nissan save the polar bears? Will buying water in bottles made from “30 percent plant-based materials” help solve our waste problem? No, no and no. It isn’t that each one of these products may,…

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marketing and greenwash. What do those green labels really mean?

Video: When Does Marketing Become Greenwashing?

Marketing and greenwashing, and learning to tell the difference The video below is a brief look at a Climate One discussion hosted by the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco. Speakers include Dara O’Rourke, Co-Founder of, William Brent, Executive VP, Energy, Cleantech and sustainability at Weber Shandwick and Aron Cramer, President and CEO at BSR. Among the key points in…

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Infographic: Greenwashed!

This greenwashing infographic displays the sad truth that many so-called green products are, at best, not as green as their makers claim, or not at all green or sustainably produced. As well as the “six sins of greenwashing +1″ we also learn about four industries of which to be particularly cautious and some green and environmental standards to look for…

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No Fracking in New York!

Drawing a Line in the Fracking Sand

New Yorkers come together in song, celebration and defiance against  fracking The documentary film “Dear Governor Cuomo” tells the story of fracking in New York State. The film focuses on a single night in May 2012 in which a group of musicians, scientists and activists and thousands of supporters gathered for a concert outside the capital building in Albany to…

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