More greenwashing from Coca-Cola

Here is a bit more greenwashing from Coca-Cola.  Although they are encouraging consumers to recyle, which is a good thing, they imply a bit more eco-friendliness than is accurate.  See this post to learn more about what Coke does to “be green”.

This is a good time to mention that just because a company is discussed on our blog, doesn’t mean we think all of their efforts are a sham.  Coke is doing a big thing by spending advertising dollars to help people remember to recycle.  Greenwashing or not.

Clean Coal: a giant greenwash

The idea of clean coal is one of the most flagrant and offensive examples of greenwashing seen yet.

The American Coalition for Clean Coal Technology is by far the most prominent offender.  This article at Inhabitat outlines the true cleanliness of coal.  By the Coalition’s definition “clean coal” actually means

Clean coal technology: Any technology to reduce pollutants associated with the burning of coal that was not in widespread use prior to the Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990.

However, you wouldn’t know this definition by their advertisements. This billboard seen in Pennsylvania paints a pretty different picture of coal as a “clean, green” energy source.

Greenwashing: Chevron


Chevron greenwashing: billboard ad example

Chevron’s advertisement that reads “I will leave the car at home more” and on the side it says “Human Energy.” Picture taken in San Francisco in February, 2009.